Red Dirt Relief Fund Merch! Supporting Tulsa musicians.

"It’s been said musicians don’t have insurance—they host benefits. It was the tough truth in this quip that led Red Dirt musicians and fans to create an Oklahoma music safety net in 2012 they called Red Dirt Relief Fund. Soon after RDRF was granted 501(c)3 non-profit status, it became clear it couldn’t just serve Red Dirt musicians but would need to serve the entire community of music industry professionals in Oklahoma. Today, any person living in Oklahoma who has worked in the music industry for at least 5 years is eligible for aid.

RDRF operates an Emergency Assistance Fund that provides individual grants to help music people recover from accidents, cancer treatment, medical emergencies, natural disasters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and other unavoidable emergencies that prevent them from making music in our communities. These grants typically cover immediate living expenses and medical bills."